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This is my 11th Ludum Dare. I told myself and others (many times) that I wasn't going to be doing Ludum Dare this weekend due to all of the other projects I have under my belt, but the more I saw people getting prepared and excited for the event, I just couldn't pass it up. It wasn't till very late at night on Friday that I decided I was going to do it. Who can pass up LD?! My last LD was STEREOJO, a puzzle platformer, which I am still pursuing at the moment!

Game Details

Asymmetry is a top-down shoot-em-up game, with something a little special added to it.

Instructions: Instructions: Press any key to navigate your way through the menus. Arrow Keys to Move and WASD to Shoot. Although if you really want to switch those controls, you can press any of the WASD keys on the menu to get the controls you want. Also, every 30 seconds your player starts to blink really fast, press the Space Bar and see what happens (it's good I promise).

If you can think of anything cool to add to the game, please let me know! As of right now, it's not all that exciting, yet.


Let me know what your High Score is in the comments please! My best is 257. c:

And if you've streamed this game on Twitch already, please let me know in the comments.

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This was a fun little game~ Music gets real wonky real fast.