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Photagogue is my 9th Ludum Dare. If you were here for the last Ludum Dare, I made Arc, and just recently I submitted it to IndieCade.

Photagogue is a Pixelated Beat 'em up game. Why is the game called Photagogue (a made-up word)? Read the story for the game and you'll see why.

Instructions: Left and Right Arrow Keys to move, Up Arrow Key to Jump (wall jump off walls, you can keep pressing Up as long as you're on a wall), and Z to Fight. You must kill all dinos to go further.


July, 2041: [Two guys in a small house]. Middle-Aged Scientist finishes his glass of water, and then sets it on a shelf near a large biometric vault. He puts his hand on the biometric scanner, and the vault opens. Inside are cases of vials possessing a bright green substance. He shows his young Assistant, Cycle, the vials. He tells him that the substance is an element that can harness light, and lead to Teleportation and Time Travel. The element, was known as Photagogue. He then explains how the Machine he made works and how the Photagogue plays a major role. All of a sudden, Cycle stares him in the eye, pulls out a gun, and says, "You could've saved her... Why didn't you save her?! Huh? You could've saved her!" "You know why Cycle! I told you--" and then Cycle shoots him in the chest. The Scientist pulls out a small glass box with a button in it, he opens the box, and presses the button as he starts to tear up. The set of vials of the Photagogue explodes. Cycle then shoots him more times in the chest till he collapses. After the Scientist takes his last breath, Cycle heads over to the broken vials, and he's furious. As he walks back to the dead body, he stumbles across a glass cup on the floor, filled with some of the remains of the Photagogue. He sighs in relief. He then continues to walk to the dead body, and checks the Scientist's pockets for anything significant. He finds a piece of paper with a list that the Scientist has been hiding, in his left pocket. The list consists of Times and Locations, and is titled: Photagogue Checkpoints. Cycle desires for more fuel for the Time Machine, so he looks for one of the easiest Checkpoints: A mining site located in the Yucatan Peninsula, 2016. Before Cycle goes on his journey, he must make the biometric scanner look for his hand and not the Scientist's. So he goes to the settings on the scanner, and selects the "Change Handprint" option. The scanner asks for the Scientist's hand to be scanned for access to change the print. Cycle drags the Scientist's body over and puts his hand on the scanner. He then puts his hand on the scanner, and the process is complete. Cycle holsters his gun. He pours the remains of the Photagogue into the machine. He puts in the time and location, presses a button, and the whole house rumbles. Then a loud noise goes off, and all of a sudden the year is 2016 and the house is near a mining site in the Yucatan Peninsula. Cycle then heads off to the mines. As he gets further into the mine, he sees a guy mining very slowly, carrying a huge smile on his face. Cycle sees a bright green rock in the miner's pocket. He assumes it's a rock consisted of Photagogue, so he follows the miner as he leaves. When the miner is walking in a secluded area, Cycle comes up from behind, shoots him in the head, grabs the rock out of his pocket and runs off back to the house. He then melts the rock to get a liquid substance of the Photagogue. Cycle pours a little bit of the melted Photagogue into the Machine and teleports to California (Subject to change). Cycle then takes a seat and starts to think. He can't go back to all these locations alone, it's not safe, he thought. He needs somebody else to do his dirty work for him. Cycle then heads off to bed and sleeps.

Next day, scene cuts to a girl with the name of Rose, in her mid-twenties, in her apartment on the phone, saying "See you soon, I love you, bye." She walks out of her apartment, towards her car, and out of nowhere Cycle (with masked-face) puts a bag over her head, a gag around her mouth, and puts her in the backseat of a car, tied up, and drives off.

Same day, scene cuts to a well-dressed guy with the name of Kane, in his mid-twenties, in his apartment (different apartment complex). He walks out towards his car, and again Cycle puts a bag over his head, a gag around his mouth, and puts him next to the girl in the backseat of his car, tied up. Cycle then drives off to the Time Machine House, takes them both out of the car and brings them both in the house. He puts them both in fold out chairs, but puts the girl in the corner of the room and the guy in the center. Cycle takes the bag off Kane's head. Cycle says to him, "You're gonna need to do something for me. Well, many things but--" "Why do you figure that?" Cycle goes over to the girl, takes the bag off her head and says "Well you seem like a nice guy, I'm pretty sure you'll comply." "Don't you touch her!" "Nah I won't touch her, this may though *pulls out a knife*." "I'm listening..." "Good. Now shut up. Ok so what I'm about to tell you may sound like a joke but... What you're sitting in... *He scoffs* Is a time machine." "What?..." Kane says. "In 65.5 Million BC, in the Yucatan Peninsula, the element Photagogue was discovered. The element was inside the asteroids that lead to the eradication of the dinosaurs. You see this empty vial? You're going to go back there, retrieve the Photagogue, and come back here in 2016. Got it?" Kane is speechless. "The dinos may be a little nippy so be careful, because this isn't your only mission. Well, you just press this button when you're ready and you'll be off. Your girl and I will walk out of the house and wait for you to come back. Remember, retrieve the element, come back here, to this date, and the girl doesn't die." "What the hell is going on?!" "Hey! Retrieve the element and nobody dies, you hear?! Now again, I already set the date and location in here, you just press this button when you're ready. And don't go thinking you can change the date and location to whenever and wherever you want, because you can't; only I can. You go back to 65.5 Million BC, and you come back here to 2016, period. Have a good one." Cycle walks out the house with the girl. Kane breathes heavy in awe of what had just happened. "Well... No time to lose." He then presses the button, and it's now 65.5 million BC, in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Published Apr 18, 2016
Authorc: Games
GenrePlatformer, Action
TagsBeat 'em up, dino-punching, Ludum Dare 35, web
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